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What challenges are you facing?

  • Looking For Career Change
  • Frustrated in your job search
  • Applying for jobs and never get called
  • Unemployed for a number of years
  • Too old; too young; inexperienced
  • Overqualified

The first step in finding a job that makes you happy is having a positive attitude; change your attitude and your situation WILL change.

Our role is not just to help you identify your skills, write a professional resume, or walk you through the interviewing process.  We also provide you the tools to confidently face the challenges involved in landing the ideal job or launching that entrepreneurial dream.

Career Coaching & Resume Review

 Our sessions are conducted via telephone and email.  You will work with an experienced Coach who will guide and give you a professional perspective on how best to present yourself.

 During your coaching session, we will discuss your personal situation, where you are and where you want to go.  We will also review your current resume and show you how to make improvements that will highlight your skills and accomplishments.  


 Standard - $150.00

One-hour telephone coaching and reviewing of your current resume.

  • How to make yourself more marketable
  • Resume review and how best to improve it.


 Advanced - $275.00

Includes Standard Session, plus the following:

  • Online registration/profile assistance 
  • Tips on what employers are really looking for


*Please note the above fees do not include Resume Writing

e-JAM Resume Writing


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About e-JAM

e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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