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A Well-Written Resume - is the most important tool in your job search.
For a limited Time only e-JAM is offering a discounted "Refresh Resume Service”


Applicants must be:
- 19 to 50 years old.
- Willing to participate in a skilled, unskilled or service sector job.
- Able to work up to 10 months


1.How to register with e-JAM?
2.What are the fees for the H-2B Program?
3.What happens after I register & submit my resume?

Currently on a H-2B Visa & want to extend your stay?
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e-JAM requires an online profile consisting of a current resume and completed registration form.

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Need Help registering?
assisted registration

Our Assisted Registration service caters to the large number of Jobseekers without access to the Internet, or who prefer a personal registration process with one of our team members, rather than doing it themselves online.

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"The quality of the applicants have been amazing! They are great, hardworking and very friendly! Definitely the best applicant pool we've received so far. We are excited about building this relationship with you all. We will definitely be placing more ads in the future! Thank you so much!"
Shanika R.
Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill
"We have used e-Jam twice for recruitment services and on both occasions have achieved very good results. We were able to secure team members who met our expectations perfectly."
Today’s Office Ltd.
"I chose e-JAM because of your professionalism,the will,quality service you can make any one succeed and because of that I wont hesitate to tell others about doing business with the company. How you took the time out to look after every one who came in contact with your Organization, I am pleased with the Resume services which was offered, and special thanks to my resume writer Ms. Gooden who work with me to ensure my resume was structured and emailed me from time to time keeping me posted on what was going on. e-JAM is A1, thanks for the services keep it up."
Devon Bailey
e-JAM has been a savior to me, e-JAM has turn my life around immensely. I was working at a place for 22+ years and for 18 years things were going fairly good, but for the next 4+ years, I was just going around in circles and just couldn't seem to find my way straight, but then I found out about e-JAM and Lord, was I glad I did. E- JAM has allowed me to go to Canada to work. I have been to Canada two years and getting ready for the third. My time working in Canada as been so wonderful, I have gotten awards and trophies, which funny enough for the 22+ years I worked at my former job, I got none. Working in Canada I traveled all over western Canada. I would recommend everyone who wants to take there life to the next level, to try e-JAM, you wont regret it.
Dave H.
"To begin, I can proudly attest that my experience with Employment Jamaica has been overwhelmingly positive. I have never met such a friendly and welcoming staff in my search for agencies. They have proven to be very reliable and effective in the service they offer. Employment Jamaica worked assiduously with me from the initial stage; they had my best interest at heart.
Chevel Scott
"I would like to express my sincere and heartful appreciation to you and Employment Jamaica for helping me with my continual search for permanent employment. Having dealt with numerous recruiters and placement agencies throughout the year(s), I can honestly say that you are a cut above the rest. The process of finding the ideal career path has been a long and frustrating journey for me. Your unswerving determination and steadfast persistence is downright inspiring, and for that you have my utmost respect and gratitude. I will be happy to recommend your services ad well as the services of Employment Jamaica to any of my peers who are in need of employment assistance.
Kamal Baker
My class got an outside company to come in to us all the way from Ochi Rios to bring new light; Employment Jamaica was their name. When they came to us it was it was a family type feel that i got from them and that feeling and support continued through out the whole process. They walked me through everything, provided prompt information to all my questions and made sure I was aware of all the repercussions with every decision made. e-Jam is very much different from other agencies because others mostly focus on the monetary value on their end, while e-Jam focuses more on giving the support needed and making sure you get where you need to be safely and under the right circumstances. At the airport, and upon arriving at our destination Employment Jamaica was in full support and contact.
Jonelle L.
"e-JAM was very professional from the onset to the last minute. I was very pleased with the way I was treated and the way everything ran smoothly. I would recommend e-JAM to anyone."
Lorna Durrant
"Hi there, I am Jasmine Banton, a first timer with e-JAM, I have not regretted the day I registered with them. I will proudly be an ambassador for e-JAM, their program is very real. e-JAM has helped me to go places. One such place is the Marriott Hotel in the USA where I was placed, a very high class resort with 833 rooms, and 51 suites. It has lots of pools, golf courses and palm trees. Its personalized service is a guarantee for our guests. The program that e-JAM offers is very, very real, so go for it!"
Jasmine Banton
"For my first experience with e-JAM, interviewing for an overseas job was very comfortable and exciting. The presentations were very informative and the assistance from e-JAM was very efficient. Thank you for this opportunity."
Moniquie Grant
"Employment Jamaica is an excellent recruiting firm. They allow for a smooth experience, which provides a good opportunity for graduates and undergraduates. Thanks to Employment Jamaica, I have a chance to pursue my goals.!"
Harisha Buggam
"I think that e-JAM is a wonderful asset to Jamaica as it changes my perception of employment agencies. As I have had negative experiences with them. I think e-JAM and the J1 Program have opened up a wonderful opportunity for many Jamaicans as well as me. Thank you e-JAM."
Lygia Martin
"‘Excellent!! This is how I would describe the entire journey. The people at e-JAM are hospitable and accommodating. I had no problems with them. Ms. Simpson is ‘cool’ and she is a caring person. She shares information and she is pleasant. The interview was good. I am impressed and looking forward to working overseas as a social service counselor. Thanks e-JAM."
Omar Marston
"I am very happy for the opportunity that e-JAM has given me. I have been able to go to the next step in my career goals because of this organization. I have received professional support from the team. Keep up the good work e-JAM and continue to strive for excellence in helping students, graduates, and skilled workers achieve their goals."
Tamar Tomlinson
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About e-JAM

e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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