Hi – My name is Audrey Bernard and I came to E-JAM in 2004 by means of a ‘grape vine’. The day I came to E-JAM I wanted to see if the program works – if it was real. After talking with Mrs. Russell, I ended up giving it a chance and I’m happy to say I have no regrets. E-JAM sent me to the Marriott Hotel in Palm Desert, USA as a Housekeeper and now I’m a Banquet Server – which is much more than I had bargained for. So if you’re wondering if E-JAM’s work programs are real, my answer is yes, yes, yes!

Audrey Bernard - Mariott Hotel

I’m Gary Walker. If you are thinking of going on the overseas program, it is best to go with E-JAM. They will give you all the information you will need regarding expectations. What is needed when we get there is for us to have lots of self discipline, respect for each other and to unite as Jamaicans in order to be good ambassadors for E-JAM and our country. Nothing good comes easy and quick, so if you’re waiting to go on the program it won’t be in vain. One thing is sure you will be successful in the long run with E-JAM. My experience working with the program has been good where learning is concern. Discipline was a must for me. It took me a far way and I learnt and achieved a lot. The obstacles were also there and I happened to overcome them with great determination.

Gary Walker

Hi, my name is Conwayne Richards . What can I say about E-JAM? E-JAM is the best I’ve come across so far in Employment Agencies – it is one in a million. If I were in Jamaica until now, I would be suffering. I will never leave out E-JAM throughout my life because they have done so much for me. They located a job for me, where I worked for nine months. At the Marriott Hotel-Esmeralda, in California where I was placed, I gained a lot of experience. I started out as a Dishwasher, then a Mini Bar Attendant, then a Banquet Houseman and Server. I’m looking forward to going back there as a Banquet Server. It’s good working and relating with my employer, guests and my fellow Jamaican colleagues (amounting to 64 persons). If you are planning on applying for the program with E-JAM, go ahead and take up the offer – you will never regret it! Unless you do not want to work!

Conwayne Richards - Mariott Hotel

Hello Miss Russell how r u? this is Ven Messam I went through your employment agency to go to the marriott hotel in California at the front desk I did extremely well so they take me back a second year. My most recent achievement I was awarded the Golden Key award and the most nominated by guest at the Marriott in California I also speak Spanish so my Spanish language was an asset to them thanks to you. I am doing well I will be coming home in June 2007 so I am going to come and look for you.

Ven Messam

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