In today’s economy, job searches for most are becoming more and more frustrating. In addition, finding and providing quality talent to our employers has never been more critical. It is therefore imperative that e-JAM is able to quickly identify and recruit the right people.

Our jobseekers need to clearly understand that it is their career and their life. e-JAM is here to offer assistance at each step of the way in an attempt to find their ideal job, but they MUST follow the steps it takes for us to present them professionally to an employer in order to get an interview and get hired.

Your part as the Jobseeker

-    Decide what your career goals are and what kind of job situation suits you
-    Define clearly what your interest areas are
-    Create a professional updated resume and an online profile
-    Present a professional headshot photograph
-    Become comfortable in participating in a Skype/Video Interviewing platform
-    Be honest and don’t say you have done, or experienced things that you haven’t – you will get called out in an interview
-    Maintain a positive attitude and realize that there is job out there for you, but it takes work

On the part of e-JAM:

Give applicants anonymity – We understand that many potential candidates may be employed and that privacy and confidentiality are important.  Our database management and recruiting process are aligned to protect candidates’ privacy.

Getting to know you – Before we submit your detail to our client it is important that we get to know you first.  Our Applicant Tracking Software/Video and Personal interviews will tell us a lot about you.  We will find out more about what you want from a job and whether the job you have in mind is befitting based on your credentials. Most importantly it is for us to see how you behave in an interview situation.

Video Interviewing – Having only technical skills is no longer sufficient as employers are seeking candidates with people skills. Depending on the company’s need, hiring managers are conducting pre-screening video interviews in order to gain an insight into the character of potential employee.  They are looking for employability skills, such as: having a strong personality, good leadership, being a team player and persons capable of problem solving and critical thinking; this is not always evident from a resume.

Video Interviewing will now become a standard pre-screening technique, with all applicants applying for a job through e-JAM.  This improves the way we market our candidates to clients and gives jobseekers a better chance of being noticed.

Employers will now only do face-to-face interviews with a short list of our top candidates.  This saves jobseekers time and money spent travelling to interviews that may not work out and accommodate those presently employed, by avoiding the prospect of taking time off work.

In-office registration – This option allows jobseekers to clearly discuss with the e-JAM their skill sets, area of interest and career objectives.

Assistance given to jobseekers in the following areas:

-    Awareness of employability skills – making you aware of what employers want?
-    Discovering your strengths and weaknesses
-    Resume Critique and Writing Service
-    Assistance with online profile and employment application
-    Job opportunities local and overseas
-    Developing a professional Video Resume

e-JAM is a traditional recruitment agency with an online job board therefore not all jobs are advertised to protect the privacy of our client.  What we have outline above is the same procedures that are in place for the overseas market and are the actual steps taken by each candidates before they can be placed in jobs overseas.  This is the same service that we want to provide our local employers in finding them pre-screened, qualified candidates.

In order for us to assist all our registered jobseekers they MUST first become digital-minded and consciously participate in the job search process.  Our website is mobile ready and can be accessed by all mobile devices.

If you would like to book an appointment for an office Registration, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This will involve assistance in being properly registered online; making sure your resume is up to par and includes a video resume, which can be done at the office.  There will be a fee for this service.


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e-JAM is an experienced employment agency located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica since 2005  We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for local and overseas employment.


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