We have all heard mixed stories from Jobseekers about employment agencies. Some people dismiss them completely as a waste of time, believing that either they are going to get ripped off, or that once they submit their resume it will disappear into a black hole never to be seen again.  Others feel that they have nothing to lose, but to give them a try. 

Well, E-JAM can only speak for itself, but based on the number of satisfied candidates that we have placed in jobs, locally and overseas throughout the years - we can honestly say it is worth giving agencies a try, or I should say giving E-JAM a try.  Some of the candidates we placed started out very doubtful and skeptical as to whether the job did in fact exist; but they soon had a change of heart once they received interviews and jobs that they would not have gotten on their own.

There is no denying that the industry at times have a bad reputation due to a small minority, but there are many agencies running a credible business with good intentions.  This article is to educate people about employment agencies and it activities based on E-JAM’s experience.

The job of an employment agency is primarily to recruit candidates to fill positions for their clients (the Employers), not to find jobs for Jobseekers.  Although it’s not their main focus in finding you jobs, there is still a need to align the right Candidate with the right opportunity. 

Although employment agencies may not be for everyone, the benefits far outweigh the negatives for Jobseekers.

-  They gain access to jobs that are not advertised.
-  They help you look good to Employers - giving you free tips on how best to present yourself.
-  Support with your resume and application processing.
-  Assist you in applying for those jobs that best suit your skills, experience and personality.
-  Saves you time having an agency helping you find a job, especially if you are in a job while looking.
-  Prepares you for job interviews - giving you the facts about the company so you don't go into an interview blind.
-  Negotiates your salary and benefits.
-  Encourages you to try other positions that you may be qualified for.

We are not suggesting that agencies should be your only method of job hunting, but that they can certainly improve your chances of gaining an interview. 

Signing up with employmentjamaica.com gives you the option to apply for local or overseas employment.  It may seem like a lot of effort with slim possibilities, but what have you REALLY got to lose?  It’s FREE to register online and if you end up not getting a job, you will at least get on our mailing list for future opportunities , interview tips & more.

So what’s the answer?  Is it worth signing up?  You Decide.

 -- Joseph W.
E-JAM Support Rep & Contributing Editor


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