Jobseekers MUST adapt to the future and take control of their career, by developing new skills in a fast growing, global economy. 

The rules have changed due to technology, hence jobs that used to require hard-earned knowledge and skills are now automated.  On the other hand, the advancement in technology has also led to the creation of new jobs, enabling more people to work globally. 

There is however an increasing gap between those who know the NEW career guidelines and have developed new skills for this global economy and those who hold on to the old ways of thinking.

During the month of July our blog articles will provide tools and advice on how to get the job you really want and how to successfully shift careers; which is only possible through hard work. The Jobseeker must bear in mind that landing the right job is about planning, preparation and determination. 

Do a Self-Assessment and take an Inventory of Yourself

“What kind of job do you REALLY, REALLY want?”  Many persons are still not sure what they want to do, even while searching for a job.

The first step in discovering your ideal job is to assess your motivations, interests, and talents.  Career planning is not a one-time event, but a dynamic, on-going process as you learn and respond to change, within yourself and in the organizations with which you work.

Take some quiet time behind closed doors sitting in front of a mirror with a notebook and a pen.  Gaze into the mirror and take a hard look at your natural self, leave the gimmicks behind - without any make up, false hair, etc.  Take a few minutes, gaze into your eyes, looking into your inner self – not as others see you, but in terms of how you see you.  Ask yourself these questions:

1.    Who am I? 
Am I loving, happy or sad?

2.    What is my attitude like?
Is it negative or positive?  Do I get on with people? How do I treat people?

3.    What are my values?
List the things that make you happy and content; it could be money, status, health, relationship, etc.

4.    What job would fit my personality?
It’s important that your choice of job fits your personality.  Are you an introvert, outgoing, observer or emotional?

5.    Am I a leader, or a follower?
Do you want to be a manager, or run a Department; do you have the personality to deal with people at all levels?

6.    What is my current situation?
Are you financially strained, have a family to support, lack confidence, disabled, etc.?

7.    What am I passionate about?
List what gets you excited: writing, painting, helping people, etc.

8.    What skills do I have?
List things you are confident in doing: planning and organizing, dealing with conflict, using technology, speaking effectively in front of groups, good with numbers, etc.

9.    What am I looking for in a job?
Learning opportunity, flexible hours, a place where you can feel appreciated.

10.    What are my weaknesses?
Are you a perfectionist, a workaholic, have difficulty saying no, overly-sensitive, negative, etc.?

Jot down the answers to the above questions – and continue to list what positive characteristics you have, (i.e. dependable, loyal, organized, honest, efficient, a leader, discrete, etc.).

This kind of assessment is a helpful starting point, since the process helps you to establish exactly who you are and what it is that you want from a career. This information will also be useful when constructing your resume.

E-JAM believes that Jobseekers, despite the challenges, are going to have to “UP” their game and learn to try something different.  Having the right qualifications or a degree is not enough anymore; it may get you in the game, but doesn’t guarantee you will win the game.

It is now imperative that Jobseekers adapt today, to stay relevant in the future.



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