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Registering and applying for jobs online is increasingly becoming the norm throughout the world 

We cannot stress enough that if you wish e-JAM to assist you in gaining a job, you MUST first register online through our website and upload a current resume.  The online registration can be done on the computer, laptop, or any mobile device and from anywhere there is Internet access.

Individuals who do not have access to a computer, or the Internet and/or would like personal assistance with the registration process can contact us to schedule an appointment for assistance.  An appointment generally runs for half an hour and can be done on the telephone, or as an in-office visit.  During that time, an e-JAM team member will assist with completing the online registration form, review and critique your resume and answer any questions you may have.  Whilst there is no fee to do the online registration yourself, there is however, a fee for Registration Assistance - US$25.00 in-office visit and US$20.00 for Telephone assistance.


No Advantage in an unannounced office visit 

In order to provide our standard high level of customer service and give fair attention to all of our clients, we are no longer able to accept unscheduled walk-in visits.  All persons must make an appointment prior to visiting our offices, or they will not be seen. There are no exceptions and there is absolutely no advantage in stopping by the office to drop off a resume, it will not make your application go any faster and does not guarantee you will see the right person; plus, you will still need to register online. We have stopped accepting paper resumes since 2016 and do not submit paper applications to our Employers; your online profile is what is viewed when being considered for a position.                                 

If you are responding to one of our job postings, please follow the instructions provided in the job ad.  That is the only way to submit, all other efforts will be automatically disqualified.

 Most of your initial questions can be answered through our FAQ section on our website; also our customer support team are available through online chat line and support email.


Combining Technology with the Personal Touch

Some may consider that online registration, as oppose to face-to-face contact, as less personal and that once they submit their resume, it disappears into a black hole.  e-JAM places hundreds of applicants yearly overseas and locally and can assure you your information is stored with us for the right opportunity.  We also suggest our Featured Jobseeker option that enhances your profile and allows you to stand out in the crowd.

Personal and phone contact is still a major part of what we do, the online registration is the initial way to make contact and for us to get an idea of the type of job you are after. We use this to create a profile of your skills and experience making it easy to match Jobseeker to potential Employer. If you are a possible fit for a job opening, a Recruiter will follow up with you regarding the next step, arranging an interview and providing further details on the opportunity.


Benefits on Registering Online

Automating the screening process allows us to focus our time and resources on connecting qualified candidates with potential employers.

Our software allows jobseekers to register for prospective job vacancies in and outside of Jamaica.  The registered jobseekers are able to search, apply for jobs, receive job alerts; employers can search our database and choose from among the registered potential candidates. 


e-JAM is here to help

e-JAM provides employment assistance on the basis of a good attitude, qualification and experience.  We believe that technology has made finding a job easier for our jobseekers.  It also helps us to better track and match suitable candidates with job offers.  Registering with e-JAM will increase your chances of getting a job.

Thanks for making it e-JAM and we look forward to serving you!



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Selling yourself is the key to getting hired!

Jamaica is a competitive market filled with multi-talented people.  The demand for jobs is higher than the actual inventory of available positions.  Employers and Recruiters are sometimes tasked with reviewing hundreds of prospective candidates. It is up to you as the Jobseeker to stand out and catch their eye.

One way to do so using e-JAM is creating a great About Me or Bio; this is one of the first things Employers or Recruiters see about you.  Use this section to sell yourself and elaborate more on your professional working experience. Be sure to include information on various skills and experiences you believe enhance your position as a working individual. Highlight things beyond your regular working life, such as university experience, volunteer work, completed certification and special interests that would be a benefit in the field you aim to work in.

Bio Example:

I am a Kingston Jamaica-Native specialising in Social Media Marketing and Public Relations. I have been in the field for nearly 7 years, and love every minute of it! I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Web Design from UWI.  After school I spent my first two years at a small advertising firm in Miami, but have since moved on to freelancing full time. I am passionate about music, film and art and use my experiences to drive my creative inspiration.

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Life isn't always easy, but it can be great! Here at e-JAM our goal is to assist you by offering the latest tools necessary to successfully position yourself in today's global market.

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Many people believe that New Years is the perfect time to start thinking about changes and looking for a job.  They believe that during December companies are caught up with holiday vacations and rewriting budgets and not focusing on hiring. 


If finding a new job is on your list of resolutions there is no better time to start preparing than now.  We at e-JAM believe that December is the ideal time to start your job hunt instead of waiting until January.  Employers have already anticipated their staffing needs for 2018 and preparing to start recruiting for the New Year.


Reasons to get started


  1. Less Competition – Since most candidates will be taking a holiday break and spending less time seeking employment, it is easier to stand out from the crowd.


  1. Recruiters are less pressured and in a better mood – The festive season always put people in a better mind-set, which makes it a lot easier to secure an interview.


Finding a job takes work and requires certain tools that will enable you to stand out and be ahead of the competition.  Before you get started, consider how you can become an ideal candidate.



Ways to Become the Ideal Candidate for 2018


You must be clear about the following:


  1. Your Professional Goals and skills - What you want out of a job and the type of job that you are skilled to do.


  1. Your strengths and speciality areas? Employers are not seeking “Jack of all trades”, type candidates; they prefer candidates with specific skills, or strength in their particular field of work.


  1. Your elevator pitch – Are you ready to articulate and promote yourself briefly to an employer, highlighting your skills and accomplishments?



If you are clear on the type of job you want and are prepared in doing the work that it entails and willing to take action to stand out, then you will definitely succeed. 


However, if you are unclear on how best to start the process and need help, we at e-JAM have developed a basic plan that will help to jump-start your job search: resume and LinkedIn profile assistance and career coaching to identify your goals, objectives and skills.    Please contact us if you would like to be come the ideal candidate employers are looking for and jump-start your career for 2018.


By Yr

Managing Editor

e-JAM Team

For more on becoming the ideal candidate check out our series on How e-JAM is Raising the Bar on Recruitment




We have received several emails and calls from Jobseekers with regard to H2B positions; they are being told that we are charging a fee for interviews and placements.  

Please note that e-JAM does not collect money, or charge fees to Jobseekers under any circumstances for the H-2B Program.

When searching for job placement at home, or overseas it is important to do your due diligence and research both the company and program you are interested in working with.  e-JAM has been licensed by the Ministry of Labour in Jamaica for the past twelve (12) years. Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Please click here for more information on the US H2B Visa Program

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