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Many people believe that New Years is the perfect time to start thinking about changes and looking for a job.  They believe that during December companies are caught up with holiday vacations and rewriting budgets and not focusing on hiring. 


If finding a new job is on your list of resolutions there is no better time to start preparing than now.  We at e-JAM believe that December is the ideal time to start your job hunt instead of waiting until January.  Employers have already anticipated their staffing needs for 2018 and preparing to start recruiting for the New Year.


Reasons to get started


  1. Less Competition – Since most candidates will be taking a holiday break and spending less time seeking employment, it is easier to stand out from the crowd.


  1. Recruiters are less pressured and in a better mood – The festive season always put people in a better mind-set, which makes it a lot easier to secure an interview.


Finding a job takes work and requires certain tools that will enable you to stand out and be ahead of the competition.  Before you get started, consider how you can become an ideal candidate.



Ways to Become the Ideal Candidate for 2018


You must be clear about the following:


  1. Your Professional Goals and skills - What you want out of a job and the type of job that you are skilled to do.


  1. Your strengths and speciality areas? Employers are not seeking “Jack of all trades”, type candidates; they prefer candidates with specific skills, or strength in their particular field of work.


  1. Your elevator pitch – Are you ready to articulate and promote yourself briefly to an employer, highlighting your skills and accomplishments?



If you are clear on the type of job you want and are prepared in doing the work that it entails and willing to take action to stand out, then you will definitely succeed. 


However, if you are unclear on how best to start the process and need help, we at e-JAM have developed a basic plan that will help to jump-start your job search: resume and LinkedIn profile assistance and career coaching to identify your goals, objectives and skills.    Please contact us if you would like to be come the ideal candidate employers are looking for and jump-start your career for 2018.


By Yr

Managing Editor

e-JAM Team

For more on becoming the ideal candidate check out our series on How e-JAM is Raising the Bar on Recruitment



Life isn't always easy, but it can be great! Here at e-JAM our goal is to assist you by offering the latest tools necessary to successfully position yourself in today's global market.

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e-JAM, the Caribbeans' #1 in local & overseas recruitment.


In today’s global professional environment, it is important that Jobseekers become digitally-minded, using their online presence to maximize employability.

e-JAM’s mobile ready platform, accessible from all mobile devices, is designed to help Jamaican Jobseekers compete in the highly competitive global market for jobs both at home and abroad.


e-JAM provides a service that helps the Jobseeker present and market their skills to perspective Employers demonstrating that they are the right fit culturally for the hiring organization. In this fast-paced world, simply creating an online account and uploading a resume is not enough. In order to be successful, you must be proactive and on top of the latest tools and technology trends; our services are designed to assist our candidates compete and achieve all their employment goals.

Having only technical skills is no longer sufficient as employers are seeking candidates with people skills. Depending on the company’s need, hiring managers are conducting pre-screening video interviews in order to gain an insight into the character of a potential employee.  They are looking for employability skills, such as: having a strong personality, good leadership, being a team player and persons capable of problem solving and critical thinking; this is not always evident from a resume.

Video Interviewing will soon become a standard pre-screening technique, with all applicants applying for a job through e-JAM.  This improves the way we market our candidates to clients and gives jobseekers a better chance of being noticed.

Employers will do face-to-face interviews with a short list of our top candidates.  This saves jobseekers time and money spent traveling to interviews that may not work out and accommodate those presently employed, by avoiding the prospect of taking time off work.

Join the global marketplace and get registered with e-JAM today!


By Yr

Managing Editor

e-JAM Team



We have received several emails and calls from Jobseekers with regard to H2B positions; they are being told that we are charging a fee for interviews and placements.  

Please note that e-JAM does not collect money, or charge fees to Jobseekers under any circumstances for the H-2B Program.

When searching for job placement at home, or overseas it is important to do your due diligence and research both the company and program you are interested in working with.  e-JAM has been licensed by the Ministry of Labour in Jamaica for the past twelve (12) years. Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Please click here for more information on the US H2B Visa Program

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Helping you to become employment ready!

With the changing recruitment landscape and the impact of technology, being Employment Ready is the difference between getting called for an interview and the possibility of getting a job.  

Being ready for the kind of job you are looking for covers much more than just having a good resume, online profile, or being able to interview well.  Today’s Employers are looking for much in an employee; things such as personal characteristics and behavioural skills.

Your part as the Jobseeker:
•    Define clearly what your career goals are
•    Define you interests areas and the kind of job that suits you
•    Properly complete e-JAM’s online registration and profile
•    Create and submit a professional updated resume
•    Present a professional headshot photograph
Become comfortable in participating in a Skype/Video Interviewing platform
•    Understanding the role you are applying for, the industry and the required skills
•    Having the skills and education to fit the roll you are after
•    Be honest and don’t say you have done, or experienced things that you haven’t – you will get called out in an interview
•    Being able to articulate your skills and demonstrate your areas of development in an interview
•    Work on your online image and keeping it professional
•    Most important - maintain a positive attitude and realize that there is a job out there for you, but it takes work

On the part of e-JAM

Our commitment is to assist you in finding the right position, by getting to know you and coaching you through the process.  

We want to get to know and help our jobseekers that took the time to register with us, to find the right fit that matches their skills and personality.  Unfortunately, if their registration/online profile is not complete, or if a professional resume is not submitted the registration will be rejected.  

Our paid services are optional and suitable for individuals who require extra recruitment assistance, or would like maximum exposure.  Using these services, along with your hard work will increase your chances of landing interviews and eventually a job.  Please note that many of our jobs are not advertised; also, Employers pay to search our Resume database to find qualified candidates.

e-JAM can help!  We will:
•    Do our best to steer you in the right direction with honest advice that you can trust
•    Give you constructive feedback on putting together a professional resume
•    Assist you in identifying the type of job you are best suited for
•    Advising you on how best to achieve maximum exposure.
•    Try to find you the right job that matches your personality and skills
•    Give applicants anonymity – We understand that many potential candidates may be employed and that privacy and confidentiality are important.  Our database management and recruiting process are aligned to protect candidates’ privacy.

In order to quickly identify qualified candidates for our clients from the hundreds of resumes received daily, Jobseekers MUST help us to help them and be willing to do the work it takes for us to present them professionally to an employer.  They should have at least the foundational skills required for the job they are after.

Our Applicant Tracking Software/Video and Personal interviews will tell us a lot about you. It is also important that jobseekers become digital-minded and be conscious of how they interact on social media, as employers check their online profile before deciding whether to arrange an interview. Our website is mobile ready and can be accessed by all mobile devices.

We sincerely believe that an applicant with the right attitude can be trained for skills and will ensure a better fit culturally in an organization that they desire.

If you would like to book an appointment for Assisted Registration, or to discuss any of our other services please Email us.  

Please check our FAQ for answers to questions you may have.


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